Is our monthly published advice magazine that is available directly from our website, or through Sarie™ magazines in Woolworths™ stores across Gauteng. 


Laughter is sometimes the best medicine, as each edition of Shoesjef will kick off with an entertaining short story of the ups and downs of a divorce in progress. 


Seeing that going through a divorce is hard work, our recipe section is sure to provide you with foolproof food ideas that you can put together even if you are not a culinary expert.   


Most importantly, we provide you with financial advice that's sure to get you focused on what’s important during a divorce proceeding. These financial advice principles follows our tried and tested methodology, to ensure that you receive what you are entitled to.


Lastly as every situation is unique please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions, or require professional financial advice before during and after divorce. 







Shoesjef edition one available now

25/09/2016 11:13
The first edition of Shjoesjef available through Sarie™ magazine in Woolies™ stores Gauteng now.    If you missed your copy, please contact us for assistance      Regards    Shjoesjef 

Shoesjef edition two out now

25/10/2016 11:05
The second edition of Shoesjef available now through Sarie™ magazines through Woolworths™   If you missed your copy please feel fee to contact us for assistance      Regards    Shoesjef