Smart Tips

07/04/2017 00:00
Two in three marriages today end up in the divorce courts and 50% of the couples cite finances as the leading cause of dissension.   I have often wondered which is more powerful, the sword or the pen?  But I have come to the conclusion that paper is far more important than both,...


25/10/2016 11:21
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What percentage should I claim from my spouses pension fund?

01/04/2016 17:05
  If you are married ANC with the accrual system, then it is easy to assume that you can claim 50% of your spouse's pension fund. The Divorce Act states that you are entitled to 50% of the combined estate with the above marriage regime, BUT the act does not state from which assets you should...

Which one first?

28/12/2015 16:07
Which one first, divorce lawyer or financial advisor?    Get a Specialist Divorce Financial Planner.   Fatal financial mistakes people make during their divorce process is not analysing how their various divorce settlement options will impact their future financial...

Pensioen Eise 101

25/03/2015 19:08
Vraag:  Ek is Buite gemeenskap van goedere met die Aanwas Bedeling getroud.  Ons is tans besig om te skei en my man behoort aan ‘n Pensioenfonds.  Hoe weet ek waarop ek geregtig is?  My prokureur sê ek mag net die “Pension Interest” kry met egskeiding? Beteken dit ek is slegs...

Life and Death Financial Decisions

21/02/2015 14:55
Should your ex-spouse die will you receive your maintenance? Should your ex-spouse pay you rehabilitative maintenance or any other maintenance such as spousal or child maintenance has been stipulated in your Divorce Order, it is of utmost importance that you secure it by taking out an insurance...


06/08/2013 21:36
  Maintenance for children   We were recently faced with an interesting question: where parties are in the process of divorce, and there is no maintenance order in force, is the Court entitled to make an order for the attachment of a parent’s inheritance for the payment of arrear and...


Details om nie te vergeet nie

06/08/2015 22:27
Met elke bruilof of troue gaan daar soveel detail in die beplanning in om dit ‘n groot sukes te maak. Mens doen dit want dit is so ‘n groot besluit in enige iemand se lewe. Party mense kry selfs “ Wedding Planner ” en betaal ten duurste vir hulle tips, raad en advies.   Met egskeiding kan...

The Post Office Retirement Fund

09/03/2014 18:37
The act has been ammended so that ou can now claim your share from the Post Office Retirement Fund.   You must have the following in order to claim your benefit from The Post Office Retirement Fund: Divorce decree and settlement agreement confirming that you are entitled to a...

Parental Responsibility

16/09/2013 00:00
Whether married or not, co-holders of parental responsibility are obliged to devise a parenting plan before approaching the court for relief. This can be done through mediation by a social worker or other suitably qualified persons, including an attorney who is an accredited divorce...

Smart Parent

21/08/2013 07:52
ALWAYS PLAN YOUR WEEKENDS                                 If you don’t like cooking use instant options. Get a muffin tray, buy easy mix...