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The Post Office Retirement Fund

09/03/2014 18:37
The act has been ammended so that ou can now claim your share from the Post Office Retirement Fund.   You must have the following in order to claim your benefit from The Post Office Retirement Fund: Divorce decree and settlement agreement confirming that you are entitled to a...

Before you sign a contract

04/10/2013 16:15
Marriage regimes and  Contracts Ensure that you read and understand every contract that you sign especially your anti-nuptial contract. Marriage is a legal agreement between two parties with financial consequences. Put the same amount of effort in to your financial planning and structuring of...

Huweliks Kontrakte

04/10/2013 12:26
Lees altyd alle dokumente voor jy dit teken... Deur eenvoudig net jou handtekening op die dokument te plaas en nie verstaan wat jy teken nie, kan dalk een van die grootste foute wees wat mens kan maak aan die begin van ‘n huwelik. ‘n Huwelik is ‘n wettige ooreenkoms in vergelyking met...

Fin IQ

23/09/2013 16:10

Pensioen Eise 101

10/09/2013 19:00

Divorcesmart will assist you to claim your benefit

08/08/2013 17:41
Private Pension Claims Once you receive your divorce order you should claim your share.   It is important to make an endorcement against the fund as soon as possible this will ensure that your share will not be paid to your ex-spouse in the event of death, disability, resignation,...


06/08/2013 21:36
  Maintenance for children   We were recently faced with an interesting question: where parties are in the process of divorce, and there is no maintenance order in force, is the Court entitled to make an order for the attachment of a parent’s inheritance for the payment of arrear and...
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