Plan your weekends

13/09/2017 11:09

Kids spell love like this: TIME!


So if you are now going to spend half the time with your kids compared to in a marriage best you make the most of it.

It is the easy route to let the kids do what they want when they are with you but it won’t really yield great teenagers or grownups.

Children thrive with rules and discipline, try to keep the same rules before the divorce.

  • If you don’t like cooking use instant options. Get a muffin tray, buy easy mix muffin mixture and bake. This will create association with dad, but they might also surprise you on Father’s day! – Any retailer have great easy to bake option with clear instructions.
  • Get involved with your children’s school activities; make sure you are on the schools distribution list.
  • Volunteer at the school as an assistant coach if you have a sporting back ground. Connect with other dads at your school.
  • Take your kids to the driving range even if you don’t play golf.
  • Go to your nearest family park or a lake and let the kids take the dogs for a walk. Take an old bread with to feed ducks and geese.
  • Play a ball game. Kids love playing physical games. Why not invite some of their friends over and make sure you have hotdogs on hand and other snacks.
  • Make an appointment at a hairdresser for your daughter and wash & blow wave her hair.
  • Make your house a fun and friendly place, this will provide lots of value for your children, giving them a sense of this is their home too. Invite their friend over and say that you will provide pizza and movies.
  • Plant a veggie or flower garden project. On the first weekend you start with the preparation of the soil. Second weekend you take the kids to the nursery let them choose the different plants that they would like to plant.
  • Play board games like snakes and ladders or monopoly = conversation time.
  • Have a camp night in your back yard, set up tents, sleeping bags and even have a camp fire.
  • Sit around the fire and roast marshmallows. You can even do a treasure hunt.
  • If you live in an estate, start a mini soccer, cricket or touch rugby league every second weekend.  I am sure your boys will look forward to joining in.
  • Start a recycling or hydroponics project at your home.
  • Do arts and crafts with your children, there are so many options on Pinterest these days.
  • If you are an engineer or in financing or in a male dominated career – teach your daughter things that you know. For example if you work as an electrician build a circuit with lights and explain where this all fits in.