Why Severe Illness Cover?

01/04/2015 19:02

Dr Marius Barnard, yes brother of the famous Chris Barnard had the mastermind behind this great financial product. He experienced first-hand how a woman had to go to work every day in order to support her family while battling cancer. She was severely ill with stage 4 cancer, but had no support financially to stay home and regain her health or get better. Hence he designed a product that will pay a benefit to you, to assist you financially, in order to fight a deadly disease.


Most people think that   CANCER   or any other severe illness will not happen to them. But when you look at claims then it clearly indicates that you have a risk of contracting such an illness. What most people think is that your medical aid will cover all the expenses. Yes they do cover the hospital related cost but not the related cost associated with this disease.



One thing that you have to keep in mind is that you might have to fight for more than 9 months against this disease and it will have different impacts on her life.

  • As a single mom myself I made sure that I reduced my risk by covering myself against severe illnesses. When it comes to giving stability to my family an illness such as cancer could mean that my kids would need an au pair to take them to school and assist with homework etc.
  • I would not want to re-locate them to another school due to my illness.(Private schools vs. Public Schools)
  • And I would most certainly not want to sell my house or relocate due to financial constraints.
  • Becoming a financial burden to my sister and brother is also not an option, which means that I have to take responsibility for this.
  • I am also convinced that it is emotionally easier to fight this disease when you know that you are financially secure.
  • Being away from work will most certainly have an impact on your income.
  • Once you recover from this disease, there are always unrelated costs such as reconstruction etc.


Make sure that you have some cover in place even if it only pays out an amount of R100 000, there are great products available that will suit your needs.

Women always look after themselves emotionally, estheticaly, they take care of their homes and children, just add one more dimension to it a little bit of financial responsibility.


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