Financial planning during divorce

I will gladly assist in answering some of your questions during the process of divorce. These are some of the most frequently asked questions:

  • How much child maintenance am I entitled to?
  • How will I retire after divorce?
  • Can I insure the child maintenance?
  • Should I keep my current insurance and is it sufficient?
  • Do I need to get my own medical aid?
  • What should we do with our children’s education fund and their savings accounts?
  • How do we split the property?
  • Will I be financially secure after my divorce?


Recommendations will include:

  • Detailed retirement projections and cash flows. 
  • Asset allocation and Investment strategies, based on your risk profile.
  • Medical Aid.
  • Adequate Insurance Cover.
  • Reducing Debt.
  • Estate Planning.
  • Education Funding


My fee to assist you is R550 per hour to assist in answering your questions on financial matters during divorce, point out some pitfalls to avoid and make sure that you don’t make costly mistakes. The purpose of this advice is to rebuild your life as soon as possible.